Tony Conyers, Beau Moore, and Jim Kilts all trust Gearman Nutrition! The choice of champions, Gearman has the comprehensive line of supplements that lifters need to break records. We are proud of our lifters and this page is dedicated to acknowledging their accomplishments.
Tony Conyers is possibly the strongest lightweight lifter ever. He has an 832 squat, a 462 bench, a 683 deadlift, and a 2000 total all at only 165 pounds!
Beau Moore is at the top of the SHW powerlifting game! With a 2557 total, he is a force to recon with in any competition. Beau Recently Squatted 1125 at the 2005 Arnold Classic
Jim Kilts recently acquired the 181 ALL TIME bench record of 665! He is currently rehabbing his shoulder, but will soon be back to destroy his own bench!
Greg "Gearman" Jurkowski is not only the founder, but also an elite lifter himself. Check out his 800 pound deadlift!


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